Turnkey management service

Aircraft Management

We offer a turnkey aircraft management service that caters to the demands of aircraft owners who we have helped acquire an aircraft, or who may have already acquired an aircraft elsewhere. We create specific programs that suit the ownership structure you desire for your fleet.

— Aircraft Hangarage and Parking
— Aircraft Crewing (Pilot and Cabin Attendants)
— Crew Accommodation and Transportation
— VIP Lounge Facilities Spares Storage
— Flight administration ( ight planning and  ight watch services, as well as customer service and dispatch).
— Aircraft Insurance
— Ground Handling services
— Financial control and budget preparation
— Aircraft Maintenance coordination
— Consultancy and NCAA facilitation

There are other benefits of enabling us manage your fleet. With our strong market presence, dedicated charter sales team and experience in the charter industry, we also offer the option of placing your aircraft on the charter market when not in use. By so doing, we provide extra income from charter sales revenue that may offset other operation costs.

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Our Maintenance Management Program offers services to operators and aircraft owners that only seek to take advantage the efficient and reduced maintenance costs offered through the partnership of Izy Air Ltd and Logos Aviation Inc. for line maintenance services and base maintenance services.

The Maintenance Management Program ensures that certified EASA and FAA engineers are available to respond to AOG requests of clients and carry out line maintenance checks in Abuja or Lagos by appointment to address technical snags on the specific aircraft. Prices and Payment shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Maintenance Management agreement and Aircraft Maintenance Support Agreement.

We have created a verified model that guarantees a reduction in the price of base maintenance for as much as 30% lower than the market average. This model also guarantees a reduction in the downtime of the aircraft maintenance. Our model is structured to make scheduled maintenance shorter and at a reduced costs. Most scheduled maintenance are carried out by Logos Aviation inc. at any of the Maintenance Facilities in USA(Florida) or Europe (Cyprus, Greece, France) for a fixed price, as well as a fixed guaranteed time that the aircraft will be ready. We are happy to arrange your next maintenance check under our unique model.